Co-rotating disc scraped-surface heat exchanger.

  • Friis, Alan (Project Manager)
  • Mathiasen, Helle Vibeke (Project Participant)
  • Adler-Nissen, Jens (Project Participant)

    Project Details


    The project concerns investigation of the Co-rotating Disc scraped-surface Heat Exchanger (CDHE) for possible applications in food production. The CDHE represents a new design of scraped-surface heat exchangers (SSHE). The CDHE has rotating heating surfaces and a stationary scraping device whereas the opposite working principle is applied in a traditional SSHE. The CDHE has a high heat transfer capacity, and it is found that the performance when processing pseudo-plastic fluids are improved compared to Newtonian fluids. Based on experience with a laboratory size single chamber CDHE the design has been scaled up to a pilot plant scale CDHE with multiple processing chambers.
    - Experimental investigation of the heat transfer capacity and Residence-Time-Distributions (RTD) when processing pseudo-plastic fluids. The focus has been on highly viscous fluids since it has been determined that the flow patterns in the processing chamber develops most advantageous under such processing conditions. Methods for online detection of has been applied and optimised.
    - The flow patterns in the processing chamber of the CDHE has been modelled using a Finite Element Method (FEM). The FEM programme developed can calculate the flow field when processing pseudo-plastic fluids. Methods to compute RTD is under construction.
    - Application of the CDHE to heat process concentrated milk for Feta-cheese production has been successful.
    - The latest application of the CDHE is cooling of marmelade. The heat exchanger has proven highly suitable for controlled cooling in order to yield the desired rheological behaviour of the final product.
    Effective start/end date01/01/199531/12/2013