Climate KIC: Service-based circular business models (AIM4CE)

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The current "take-make-dispose" model of the linear economy is not suited to enhance the resource productivity required for the automotive industry to reduce its sustainability impacts significantly. New circular economy business models are required, which can utilise pay-per-use agreements to enable the introduction of new, more efficient products, better and cleaner materials, and help facilitate product reuse and material recycling. The goal of this AIM4CE pathfinder project is to explore and define sustainable pathways for how two pioneering new companies in the automotive field can establish a collaboration that will disrupt the current linear model of supplying and consuming car tyres, by creating a new result-oriented partnership towards the provision of better functionality, together with lower resource consumption.

The company Riversimple has developed an ultra-low-weight, highly efficient hydrogen fuel-cell car, intended as a local-use vehicle to be offered through a fixed-price subscription scheme. Riversimple expresses the need to extend its service-based business model to parts of its value chain, including the procurement of durable, recyclable and low-resistant tyre solutions. Tyres are traditionally made from a mixture of primarily rubber and carbon black, and the tyre industry generates significant volumes of toxic air pollution and waste. Furthermore, tyres play an important role in vehicle efficiency and in the promotion of electric vehicles, current short driving ranges per battery charge is a key customer barrier that needs to be solved.

ENSO is an SME that was founded on the ambition to drive innovation in the tyre industry by developing sustainable and energy-efficient tyres made from advanced non-toxic natural materials, specifically targeting electric vehicles.

Both companies are now at a technical maturity level, where they need to concretise their business models, in order to bring their products to market in a sustainable service-based setup. The AIM4CE pathfinder project will work to explore and define sustainable pathways for how ENSO and Riversimple can co-develop a sustainable Product/Service-System (PSS) in a circular economy setup.
AcronymClimate KIC: AIM4CE
Effective start/end date01/09/201831/12/2018


  • Circular economy
  • Business models
  • Business case


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