Climate change on marine ecosystems and resource economics (NorMER) (38898)

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Marine ecosystems are under pressure from both anthropogenic climate change and high exploitation rates. A major challenge to managers and scientists is to identify ways that oceans can provide food and other services in a sustainable way under changing climatic and socioeconomic conditions. As physical, biological and socioeconomic factors interact at several levels, cross-disciplinary approaches are needed to meet this challenge.

This Nordic project has
1. evaluated climate effects on Nordic marine ecosystems.
2. build new tools for predicting biological consequences of climate change.
3. quantified impacts on profit, employment, and harvesting of cod.

This has been achieved through the work of 16 PhDs, 4 postdocs, 1 climate scientist, and the combined expertise of 45 senior scientists located at 10 institutions in 8 Nordic countries.

The project was coordinated by University of Oslo, Norway and funded by Nordforsk, Nordic Council of Ministers.

Research area: Oceanography
Research area: Marine Population and Ecosystem Dynamics
Research area: Population Genetics
Effective start/end date01/01/201131/12/2015