CITS - Copenhagen ITS

  • Høeg, Per, (Project Manager)
  • Holm, David Overton, (Project Manager)
  • Starke, Jens, (Project Participant)
  • Bacher, Peder (Project Participant)
  • Nielsen, Thomas Alexander Sick, (Project Participant)

Project Details


Vision:A Green and Smart City
Objective:Demonstrate urban wifi-localization potentials
Traffic congestion and safety
Traffic information flow to user entities and humans
Environmental challenges caused by transportation
Lack of cooperative connection and information systems between: people, vehicles, goods, assets, infrastructure, businesses, and public sector entities
Lack of integrated smart city traffic and transport management systems, including information flows and user-platforms
Ubiquitous data collection in Smart City platform architecture based on a background technological infrastructure
Real-time ITS services and approaches for providing seamless connectivity, interoperability, and secure flow of information across all stakeholders
General Crowd Management - Methods, Technology (Management and flow description of humans, cars, trucks, goods, assets, etc., through smart-id tagging)
Digital infrastructure of a localization system consisting of transmitters and sensors in streetlight platforms
Performance of experimental demonstrations of techniques and systems, consisting of advanced crowd-management systems and next-generation localization technology in Smart City applications
Large-scale demonstrations connected to the street lamp project of Copenhagen and through visualization of use scenarios
Effective start/end date01/10/201331/05/2014