CERNET, fast analysis of cereals, Phase 3

  • Søndergaard, Ib (Project Manager)
  • Sørensen, Helle Aagaard (Project Participant)
  • Jacobsen, Susanne (Project Participant)
  • Radzikowski, Louise (Project Participant)
  • Petersen, Marianne Kjestine (Project Participant)

    Project Details


    The aim is to develop fast and reliable methods for determination of variety and quality parameters in wheat, barley and rye. Further to study the proteins in wheat, barley and rye on a detailled level using 2D-electrophoresis, mass spectrometry and neural networks.
    Effective start/end date01/01/199830/06/2001

    Collaborative partners

    • Technical University of Denmark (lead)
    • Havnemøllerne A/S (Project partner)
    • De Danske Brødfabrikker A/S (Project partner)
    • University of Copenhagen (Project partner)
    • Lantmännen Unibake Denmark A/S (Project partner)
    • FAF A/S (Project partner)
    • Sejet International ApS (Project partner)
    • Pajbjerg Fonden (Project partner)
    • DLG a.m.b.a. (Project partner)


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