Centercontract INTERFLOW

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    Progress on the three involved projects includes:
    OFA-Boiler Ä The efficiency of mixing of an injected gas into a turbulent flow has been studied by CFD for a range of nozzle
    configurations at one mass-flow ratio. A 1:60 scale model has been designed and built, and a database has been stablished
    for the base flow without OFA-air based on detailed LDA-measurements.
    Heat exchanger optimization has involved a literature study of available design formulas for in-line tube bundles. The
    design has been made of a test tube for measuring local heat transfer using an electrically heated gold foil. It will be
    tested in the laboratory wind tunnel before being installed at various locations in the full scale test facility at DMI. CFD analysis of velocity distributions in manifolds, employing
    source terms to represent tubes in the bundle, is in progress.
    Flow-activated reed valve in compressor will involve the development of experimental techniques to in-situ measurement of valve motion and related flow. Various optical techniques are being explored.
    Effective start/end date01/01/199631/12/1998


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