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  • Nørbjerg, Jacob (Project Manager)

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The SPI project aims to gather information about how Danish software development organisations can improve their capability to produce software of high quality. The project is based upon a relatively new approach to software process improvement, which assesses an organisation's software process as a whole; e.g. the tools and techniques used, the documentation produced, procedures for project planning and control, quality assurance and quality improvement etc., in order to identify weak and strong areas and launch a long-term improvement strategy.
Central to the approach are the so-called maturity models used to assess an organisation's software development processes and identify areas for improvement.
In the SPI project we suggest and follow process improvement initiatives based on these models in four Danish software organisations. Among the questions we want to investigate are: What changes
are needed to adapt the maturity models to the management traditions and structure of Danish organisations ? Is it possible to make software development more manageable and predictable without sacrificing creativity and innovation, and do the maturity models provide the right framework for this ?
The project is partly funded by the Danish National Centre for IT Research and the Ministry of Industry. Other participants are the Department of Electronic Systems at Aalborg University; DELTA Software Engineering; and the following private firms: Danske Data, Brüel & Kjær, LM Ericsson, and Systematic Software Engineering.
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Effective start/end date01/01/199731/12/1999


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