CASE International Network

  • Molin, Søren (Project Manager)
  • Rodriguez, Cayo Juan Ramos (Project Participant)
  • Ahring, Birgitte Kiær (Project Participant)
  • Givskov, Michael Christian (Project Participant)
  • Cohen, Paul (Project Participant)
  • Stahl, David (Project Participant)
  • Shapiro, James (Project Participant)
  • Caldwell, Douglas (Project Participant)
  • de Lorenzo, Victor (Project Participant)
  • Dalton, Helen (Project Participant)
  • Szewzyk, Ulrich (Project Participant)
  • Eberl, Leo (Project Participant)
  • Nybroe, Ole (Project Participant)
  • Krogfelt, Karen (Project Participant)

    Project Details


    Assembly of network of international specialists in studies of complex microbial communities. The aim is to build up a scientist platform which can be useful in attacking some of the very complex problems associated with analysis of microbial communities. The participating groups represent a number of important areas ranging from molecular biology to modelling of microbial ecosystem behavior.
    The network members are:
    Prof. Paul Cohen, Univ. of Rhode Island (USA); Prof. David Stahl, Northwestern Univ. (USA); Prof. James Shapiro, Univ. of Chicago (USA); Prof. Douglas Caldwell; Univ. of Saskatchewan (Canada); Dr. Victor de Lorenzo, CSIC (Spain); Dr. Birgitte Ahring, DTU (Denmark); Dr. Helen Dalton, Univ. of New South Wales (Australia); Prof. Ulrich Szewzyk, Techn. Univ. Berlin (Germany); Dr. Leo Eberl, Techn. Univ. München (Germany); Dr. Ole Nybroe, KVL (Denmark); Dr. MIchael Givskov, DTU (Denmark); Dr. Karen Krogfelt, State Serum Institute (Denmark).
    In connection with this programme a project concerning biofilm physiology in the plant rhizosphere has been started. The project is carried out by Dr. Cayo Ramos, who is a post-doc from prof. Juan L. Ramos' laboratory in Granada, Spain
    Effective start/end date01/01/199631/12/2000

    Collaborative partners

    • Technical University of Denmark (lead)
    • Technical University of Berlin (Project partner)
    • University of Rhode Island (Project partner)
    • Statens Serum Institut (Project partner)
    • University of Copenhagen (Project partner)
    • Technical University of Munich (Project partner)
    • University of Saskatchewan (Project partner)
    • University of New South Wales (Project partner)
    • The University of Chicago (Project partner)
    • Northwestern University (Project partner)
    • CSIC (Project partner)


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