Call Centre- development of work

  • Møller, Niels (Project Manager)

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    The Danish research project: “Development of competences and work organization in call centres” – also named “Call centres – development of work” (2003-2005).

    The project is an intervention project – a combination of research and change - in collaboration with four Danish companies (Danske Bank, TDC, Nykredit og Sydsjællands Elselskab) and carried out in six call centres with 800 employees. The idea is to develop competencies and work organization in order to better working conditions and the quality of service. The first half of 2003 has been dedicated to research and dialogue: A survey covering all 800 employees, case studies and dialogues with managers and employees of perspectives and possibilities of positive changes. Now (2003 autumn) the change-plans I the different call centres have been decided and the changes will start up in October 2003).

    Niels Møller is leader of the project. The project is supported with 15,5 million Danish crowns (2 mio euro) from The European Social Fund and with a support from the companies up to 30 million. The project has already builded its own network and relations to other networks in the Danish call centre industry.

    The EU project ”Call centres – development of work” consists of four researchers at DTU and CASA and a group of consultants from Handelsskolen Sjælland Syd.

    The project has a reference group (see representing a broad range of interest (labour marked organization, public services and institutions).
    Effective start/end date01/12/200201/12/2005


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