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'Wicked problems', such as climate change, the pandemic, and inequality, are global challenges with a broad effect on societies. Finding solutions requires new ways of thinking through the inclusion of all (diverse) talent. According to United Nations, innovative technology is key to climate action. Yet in the technology field, there is a noticeable lack of diversity. This is a paradox. While current research show that diversity is important for innovation, this line of work is less clear on exactly how the socio-economic structures in place might be challenged. Consequently, this research project will explore how actors within the field work purposefully and reflectively to construct changes in their immediate context, as well as within the field more broadly.

The project explores how diversity in teams and organizations influences their ability to create social innovation; which institutionalized barriers exist within the technology field, and how actors within this field might work to change established structures to enable a greater use of diverse talent. In terms of diversity, the focus will be on gender and ethnicity specifically. The project will provide an enhanced understanding of the complex mechanisms at play, while also providing insights into how the Danish technology field may become more diverse and equipped to tackle 'wicked problems' in the years to come.

The project is funded by a Carlsberg Fundation Semper Ardens: Accelerate grant.
Effective start/end date15/08/202214/08/2025