Building vegetable farmers resilience to climate change focusing on inclusive sustainable business models

Project Details


The aim of work package 4, which is co-lead by UNEP DTU and University of Ghana, is to analyse and develop inclusive sustainable business models that facilitate technological and economic upgrading of vegetable farmers by overcoming their investment constraints, enhancing skills levels, enabling dry-season farming, and engaging other key actors in the vegetable value network. The key technologies considered are small-scale irrigation and soil amendments using organic residues. A PhD student enrolled at the University of Ghana Agribusiness programme will be part of work package 4, as will Masters students from University of Ghana and University of Cape Coast..
Effective start/end date01/03/202028/02/2025


  • Sustainable business models
  • Value chain
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Small-scale irrigation
  • Organic residues
  • Technological change
  • Innovation
  • Smallholders
  • Ghana