Brown shrimp fishery in the North Sea (39418)

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The purpose of the project is to improve the possibilities for evaluating the self-management of the brown shrimp fishery and develop this through analysis of the impact of management actions on the brown shrimp stock. This objective is to be met in three work packages. Through improved monitoring and survey design (AP2) as well as model based analysis of brown shrimp dynamics and the mechanisms of stock fluctuations (AP1 and AP3) in order to calculate stock development and a number of associated parameters for current and future self-management and thereby increase opportunities for an optimal sustainable fishery on the resource.

The project further aims to build the national preparedness for advice provision on issues concerning the brown shrimp fishery. Some of the main contributions will be in preparation for international survey participation and operational stock modelling (AP3).

The project will also set up systems for future fisher – researcher collaboration in management of brown shrimp fisheries and contribute to the increase and facilitating of international scientific cooperation on brown shrimp fishing through enhanced active Danish participation in relevant fora (AP4).

The project will thus
1. Collate all available information about the biology of brown shrimp and its function in the ecosystem in an easily accessible form, for the benefit of fisheries and management.
2. Design, implement and analyse an optimized monitoring and survey system that can support stock analyses and management decisions.
3. Analyse brown shrimp population distribution and fluctuations, and in combination with controlled growth and reproduction experiments clarify the key parameters that determine population dynamics.
4. Develop a stock assessment model based on DTU Aquas statistical modelling framework, which, based on available data, can estimate stock development and provide the basis for international management advice.
5. Through the results, provide input to international advisory work in ICES and STECF.

The long-term impact of the project will be a scientific contribution to sustainable self-management and utilization of an economically important resource for local fisheries.

DTU Aqua, National Institute of Aquatic Resources
Danish Fishermen PO, Denmark

The project is funded by the European Maritime Fisheries Fund and the Danish Fisheries Agency.

Research area: Marine Living Resources
Research area: Marine Populations and Ecosystem Dynamics
Effective start/end date14/09/201613/12/2018


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