Broadband in Europe for all: a multi-disciplinary approach

  • Skouby, Knud Erik (Project Manager)
  • Henten, Anders (Project Participant)
  • Falch, Morten (Project Participant)
  • Christensen, Dan Saugstrup (Project Participant)
  • Schneider, Markus (Project Participant)

Project Details


The BREAD project (Broadband in Europe for all: a multi-disciplinary approach) will develop a multi-disciplinary approach to analyze the realization of the "broadband for all" concept within Europe. This objective is met through a multi-disciplinary approach taking societal, economic, regulatory and technological issues into account. The project will bring these different disciplines together, share views and knowledge, and develop new strategies and good practice recommendations in the area of "broadband for all".

The BREAD project brings together (all) players active in the field of the end-to-end broadband provisioning for all. It performs a multi-technological analysis of the current and evolving situation taking as a starting base all the roadmap information generated by different IST instruments and projects focusing on specific technological domains. At the same time the BREAD project studies the techno-economic, societal and regulatory aspects of this "broadband for all" concept. It will identify the impact of the EU regulatory framework on the successful implementation of new broadband communication services. The project also includes regional "success stories" of actual deployment and the influence of government stimulus for accelerating the early rollout of broadband services. Societal aspects of introducing broadband access and sustainable economic business models for are taken into account.
Effective start/end date01/01/200430/06/2006


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