Bridges with Spatial Cable Systems

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    Ph.D. project by Tina Vejrum.
    The project deals with the stabilizing effect of spatial cable systems in relation to lateral buckling of the bridge girder.
    In bridges with narrow bridge decks having a width of 1/100 of the main span (or less) a lateral buckling of the girder will occur in a conventional cable-stayed system with vertical cable planes. It is, therefore, desirable that the cable system is modified to render also lateral girder support throughout the span.
    The project comprises a parametric study of the effect of different pylon heights and lateral distance between the anchor points of the inclined cable planes at the pylon tops.
    To verify the analytical results a model test was performed. The test comprised a cantilevered girder with support by four inclined cable planes inclined at different angles. The test simulated the critical construction phase when the girder is cantilevered to midspan but still not connected to the other girder half.
    The investigations led to the conclusion that spatial cable systems can be used to efficiently stabilize narrow girders against lateral buckling.
    Effective start/end date01/11/199317/03/1997


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