BOSS: Bornholm Smartgrid Secured- by grid connected battery systems

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Battery energy storage systems (BESSs) are key to fully sustainable energy systems. Transitioning to a 100% renewable based and BESS supported energy system prompts a paradigm shift in power system operation. A shift in key technology and system operation generates a variety of new business opportunities which this project sets out to explore, test and exploit. If successful Danish industry related to renewable energy resources will benefit, including hardware manufacturers, power system service providers, energy consultants and so-called green technology actors.

The objectives of Bornholm Smart Grid Secured (BOSS) are to develop and demonstrate an advanced Danish BESS solution. Using existing strong holds in Danish industry a new national business opportunity is supported addressing a fast growing global market. Exploring and demonstrating cost-effective and market-based BESS services will enable business cases based on BESS and support the national energy policy; security of supply, fossil free energy, sustainability and efficiency. Project BOSS will develop and demonstrate a MW/MWh BESS solution, - the biggest utility-scale battery in Denmark.

Budget: Total: 30 million DKK.Grant: 19 million DKK, by the Danish Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP)
Short titleBOSS
Effective start/end date01/03/201931/12/2022


  • Battery Energy Storage Systems
  • Research, Development and Demonstration
  • Business Models


ELN: EnergyLab Nordhavn - New Urban Energy Infrastructures

Greisen, C., Hashemi Toghroljerdi, S., Østergaard, J., Træholt, C., Pinson, P., Mitridati, L. M. M., Klyapovskiy, S., Le Ray, G. J. R., Gjelaj, M., You, S., Harrestrup, M., Rode, C., Elmegaard, B., Ommen, T. S., Foteinaki, K., Luc, K. M., Pieper, H., Meesenburg, W., Mitridati, L. M. M. & Le Ray, G. J. R.


Project: Research