Bluetongue distribution and the impact of climate change in the Nordic countries

  • Bødker, Rene (Project Manager)
  • Chirico, Jan (Contact Person)
  • Sviland, Ståle (Contact Person)
  • Skovgård, Henrik (Contact Person)

    Project Details


    The project will use climate driven mathematical models to predict the potential spread of
    bluetongue and other vector borne diseases. The project is supplemented with a detailed analysis of
    bluetongue which emerged in the Nordic area in 2007. This detailed analysis involves joint Nordic
    field work.
    The project:
    • will identify and rank the vector borne zoonoses and vector borne infections in domestic
    animals most likely to emerge in the Nordic countries as a result of climate change.
    • will model the geographical distribution in the Nordic countries for the diseases that are
    most likely to emerge in the area. These models will be based on internationally recognised
    climatic scenarios for the coming 20 years (2030).
    • will facilitate Nordic exchange of entomological bluetongue surveillance data.
    • will facilitate joint presentations and interpretations of bluetongue surveillance date.
    • will analyse climatic determinants of bluetongue vector free periods in the Scandinavian
    • model bluetongue transmission in various parts of Scandinavia.
    • model potential impact on bluetongue of exceptional warm periods in the very near future.
    • model the risk that biting midges may become established on Iceland.
    • the project will hold a Nordic workshop to communicate the results, identify important gaps
    in present knowledge and discuss future Nordic veterinary surveillance and control
    Effective start/end date01/05/200931/12/2009