Biorefinery Training Platform: Bacterial Factories for Sustainable Chemical and Drug Production

  • Molin, Søren (Project Manager)
  • Nørholm, Morten (Project Manager)
  • Cavaleiro, Mafalda (PhD Student)
  • Machado, Henrique (PhD Student)
  • Wendel, Sofie (PhD Student)
  • van der Helm, Eric (PhD Student)
  • Bojanovic, Klara (PhD Student)
  • Vazquez Albacete, Dario (Project Participant)
  • D'Arrigo, Isotta (PhD Student)
  • Li, Songyuan (PhD Student)
  • Yang, Xiaochen (PhD Student)
  • Redl, Stephanie Maria Anna (PhD Student)
  • Pogrebnyakov, Ivan (PhD Student)
  • Lehning, Christina Eva (PhD Student)
  • Giubergia, Sonia (PhD Student)
  • Calero Valdayo, Patricia Maria (PhD Student)
  • Lohmann, Ricarda (Project Manager)


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Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology

Immunology and Microbiology