Bioinformatics Services for Data-Driven Design of Cell Factories and Communities

  • Herrgard, Markus (Project Coordinator)
  • Sonnenschein, Nikolaus (Project Coordinator)
  • Kutuzova, Svetlana (Project Participant)
  • Redestig, Nils Henning (Project Participant)
  • Beber, Moritz Emanuel (Project Participant)
  • Dannaher, Danny (Project Participant)
  • Lopez Benito, Alba (Project Participant)
  • Kaafarani, Ali (Project Participant)
  • Lieven, Christian (Project Participant)
  • Lohmann, Ricarda (Project Manager)
  • Rasmussen, Birte Kastrup (Project Manager)
  • Kjiproski, Darko (Project Manager)
  • Knudsen, Elisabeth Beck (Project Manager)


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Computer Science

Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology

Agricultural and Biological Sciences