Biogenic Carbon in Danish Combustible Waste

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The ratio between biogenic (biomass) and fossil carbon in fuels affects the "sustainability" of the fuel and the energy technology using this fuel. Today waste contribute with a significant share of Danish renewable energy, however the current data for contents of biogenic and fossil carbon in Danish combustible waste are highly uncertain. To provide accurate accounts of national CO2 emissions, assess whether reduction targets can be met or new renewable energy projects need to be initiated, and overall to further develop the waste-to-energy sector, better carbon data has to be provided.
This project combine actual full-scale measurements of carbon in off-gases with modeling approaches to provide documented sampling/measurement procedures and recommendations for implementation of upcoming CEN standards in DK, robust data on biogenic carbon in Danish combustible waste, and suggestions for future use of modeling/estimation approaches.
The project is done in collaboration with Force Technology, NERI, and 5 Danish Waste-to-Energy plants (affald danmark)
Effective start/end date01/04/200930/10/2011


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