Bioenergy and Ecological Farming - Phase one

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    Biomass is foreseen to play an important role in the Danish energy supply in the future. In recent years however, concerned ecological farmers have claimed that crop residues and animal manure should be returned to the fields with as small loss in carbon and nutrients content as possible. This has created uncertainty concerning the realistic potential of biomass for energy. In order to analyse this question the Danish Energy Agency has funded a preliminary, interdiciplinary study concerning the relevance of the claims of the ecological farmers. The principles of ecological farming and the claims of ecological farmers on the use of biomass for energy are described, and empirical studies and models of the impact of soil carbon and nutrients on soil productivity are presented. The impact on the soil carbon balance of incorporating straw and manure to the field and the effects of land use changes are described.It is evaluated how much ecological farming systems may produce of surplus straw for energy purposes. The integration of energy crops in ecological farming systems, and ecological limitations of exportation of forest residues for energy, are also described.
    Effective start/end date15/01/199601/06/1996


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