BIOCONVAL: Integrated larvea production for feed in organic egg production

  • Nordentoft, Steen (Project Participant)
  • Hald, Birthe (Project Participant)

Project Details


To develop and demonstrate a robust system to produce a new organic feed supplement consisting of live insect larvae with an ideal amino acid composition. The project provides a sustainable way to meet the requirement from EU for organic farms (100% organic feed by 2012) and improved animal welfare in poultry flocks. To investigate the effect of larvae growth on the microbiology of the manure, including selected pathogens and human zoonotic bacteria to assess the microbiological safety of the system. To investigate a prebiotic effect in the digestive system of poultry. To demonstrate that the integrated ON-farm system is ideal for treating animal manure through composting with larvae and thereby recycle energy, N and P . To investigate the effect of feeding on organic meat and eggs produced with the new feed composition through taste tests and laboratory tests. To demonstrate the high value of larvae digested manure as greenhose and garden organic fertilizer product.
AcronymBIOCONVAL (Bioconversion to value)
Effective start/end date01/04/201131/05/2014


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