BIO-based PROduction: TOwards the next generation of optimized and sustainable processes

Project Details


Goal: The BIOPRO2 Strategic Research Center, sponsored by Innovation Fund Denmark (2015-2019) aims at being a world-class center in bio-based manufacturing process research, with focus on increasing and exploiting our process understanding in order to unlock the full potential of bio-based production processes. The scientific objectives of the Center are: (1) To investigate advanced sensors and chemometric methods to obtain more
detailed real-time process information; (2) to develop advanced statistical methods to convert data into useful information; (3) to create interfaces to visualize data efficiently for different stakeholders; (4) to develop and calibrate mechanistic models for use in simulation / optimization studies; (5) to apply optimization and advanced control algorithms in order to steer bio-based manufacturing processes towards desired performance at a plant-wide level.
Based on the scientific results, additional objectives are: (1) To perform validation and proof-of-concept studies at pilot and full-scale with close collaboration between academic and industrial partners; (2) to promote bi-directional knowledge transfer between academia and industry.
Acronym BIOPRO2
Effective start/end date01/06/201501/06/2019