Bending of Windturbine Tower

  • Andersen, Kurt (Project Manager)

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    A windturbine tower can be modelled as the bending and elastic bar with small bending losses. This means, that a relatively small amount of energy can start and maintain an oscillation in the windturbine tower, when the windturbine is influenced by forces at a frequency range near the tower's resonance frequency. Turbulence in the wind can start oscillations in both the wind direction's (longitudinal oscillations), but also perpendicular to the wind direction (transverse oscillations). The latter transverse oscillation can in particular arise in a windturbine with a relatively high tower. A mathematical model of the dynamic behaviour of the tower is developed with the purpose of finding methods to stabilize (damp) these oscillations.
    Effective start/end date01/01/1997 → …


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