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Starting in July 2020, the Bayer-DTU collaborative project on 'Crop Protection Environmental Impact Reduction' aims at developing consistent screening-level baselines for environmental impacts of plant protection products used in crop production as benchmarks to help measuring progress toward more sustainable agriculture.
We will develop a consistent and innovative environmental assessment focused at pesticides toxicity, which will help Bayer promoting sustainable agriculture. The main aim of this project is to create a set of baselines as starting point for identifying actions to increase the environmental sustainability of selected crop production systems. This aim builds on two specific, interconnected objectives:
1. To quantify consistent and credible screening-level baselines for toxicity and ecotoxicity impacts for at least 25 crop-country scenarios, building on the latest, scientifically acknowledged and internationally applicable assessment methods.
2. To provide uncertainty estimates and sound interpretation for all baseline results at different levels of results aggregation.
Effective start/end date29/07/202031/12/2023

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