BALTFIMPA generic tool (39001)

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The objective of the BALTFIMPA project (Managing Fisheries in Baltic Marine Protected Areas) was to develop a generic decision making assisting tool to give guidance and advice on impacts of different fishing practices and gear on protected habitats and species in the Baltic Sea. This was based on a comprehensive review of the existing literature. The tool has the form of a matrix of fishing gear types against habitats and species, and includes a generic level, a detailed level and a technical level in addition to a list of the relevant literature. At the generic and detailed levels impacts are scored in traffic light categories (red, yellow, green), whereas the technical level includes summaries of actual impacts.

The project was lead by DTU Aqua and funded by the Helsinki Commission (HELCOM).

Research area: Ecosystem based Marine Management
Research area: Coastal Ecology
Research area: Fisheries Technology
Effective start/end date01/08/201201/04/2013

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