Balancing Smartness and Resilience in an Integrated Building Management System

Project Details


The general objective of the project is to explore different design setups of a building management system (BMS) integrating fire, security, and other systems; and whether the benefits integration promises outweigh the new risks it introduces. The focus of the study is safety and security risks associated with the different setups. A higher degree of connectivity enabled by integration increases the risk of cascading failures impacting many components of the smart building, while modularity and redundancy mitigate impact of such failures and make buildings (systems) more resilient. Having this in mind and conducting risk analyses of different system’s setups, one specific objective is to find a balance between integration and disintegration in BMS, which we refer to as finding a balance between smartness and resilience. The other specific objective is to provide guidance for conducting risks analyses of smart buildings and testing safety and security of the integrated BMS.
Effective start/end date15/03/201914/03/2021


  • fire-safety
  • cyber-physical risk
  • smart buildings
  • Risk analysis
  • integrated building management system