Automotive High Temperature Fuel Cell Membranes

  • Erdle, Erich (Contact Person)
  • Zandiri, Stefania (Project Participant)
  • Brachmann, Thomas (Project Participant)
  • Wieser, Christian (Project Participant)
  • Cornet, Nathalie (Project Participant)
  • De Colvenaer, Bert (Project Participant)
  • Hübner, Gerold (Project Participant)
  • Sinigersky, Veselin (Project Participant)
  • Jones, Deborah (Project Participant)
  • Fridell, Erik (Project Participant)
  • Antonucci, Vincenzo (Project Participant)
  • Gülzow, Erich (Project Participant)
  • Wakker, André (Project Participant)
  • Gautier, Ludmila (Project Participant)
  • Banhardt, Volker (Project Participant)
  • Bauer, Bernd (Project Participant)
  • Hayden, Brian (Project Participant)
  • Hards, Graham (Project Participant)
  • Lundblad, Anders Olof (Project Participant)
  • Klapper, Markus (Project Participant)
  • Toro, Antonino (Project Participant)
  • Henschel, Carsten (Project Participant)
  • Ghielmi, Alessandro (Project Participant)
  • Bjerrum, Niels J. (Project Participant)
  • Li, Qingfeng (Project Participant)
  • Corti, Fabrizio (Project Participant)
  • Zuber, Ralf (Project Participant)
  • Alberti, Giulio (Project Participant)
  • Tenhu, Heikki (Project Participant)
  • Jannasch, Patric (Project Participant)


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