Assessment of dietary intake and occurrence of organochlorine pesticides and PCB in food.

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Chemical environmental contaminants such as PCB and organochlorine pesticides are slowly degradable, found in the environment and accumulate in fatty tissues and can therefore be detected in our food. The compounds have been observed to develop cancer in the liver of experimental animals exposed to high daily doses of the compounds.
The aim of this project is to evaluate monitoring and survey data for organochlorine pesticides and PCB in foods. Furthermore, the aim is to monitor the levels of these contaminants in our foods and to estimate their dietary intake. The outcome of the deterministic calculations used are expressed as e.g. the mean or 95th percentile intake via food. The analytical method has been used for determination of organochlorine pesticides and PCB in milk, eggs, animal fats, fish and oils.
AcronymOrganochlorine pesticides and PCB in food
Effective start/end date01/01/2010 → …