Aroma development in fermented meat products

  • Zeuthen, Peter (Project Manager)
  • Stahnke, Louise Heller (Project Participant)
  • Goldman, Ida Szwedowska (Project Participant)
  • Henriksen, Anders Peter (Project Participant)
  • Jensen, Anni (Project Participant)

    Project Details


    The purpose of this project is to investigate the development of aroma and taste compounds in fermented sausage, taking the various processing factors and starter cultures into consideration. Major goals are to pinpoint/identify the volatiles with higher sensory values and to identify peptides or other non-volatiles of importance to taste. The project has been divided into the following sub-projects:
    * Studies on the production of volatile components by different bacterial starter cultures during growth in aseptic sausage minces. Studies on the influence of various processing parameters and the interaction between cultures.
    * Identification of aroma components of high sensory value in fermented sausages by gas chromatography-olfactometry (GCO). Development of method for sniffing static headspace.
    * Sensory evaluation of water-soluble fractions from fermented sausages, determination of free amino acids and amino acid profile of peptides.
    Effective start/end date01/01/199531/12/1997


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