Aquaculture On-Line: Real-time mass spectrometric measurements in recirculating aquaculture systems (ONLINE-RAS) (109630)

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The Aquaculture On-Line project will develop and use an in-line mass spectrometric solution for monitoring dissolved gases in the water. The measurements must be used to monitor harmful substances such as e.g. hydrogen sulphide, ammonium, nitrogen and other volatile substances which can cause losses in fish production, emit waste substances in the outlet, or give a bad taste.The project will also investigate whether the harmful substances can be avoided by treating the water, changing feed and new techniques.

National Institue of Aquatic Ressources, DTU Aqua
Spectro Inlets, Denmark (coordinator)
AKVA group, Norway
Biomar, Denmark

The project is funded by MUDP (Danish Eco-Innovation Program) administered by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

Research area: Aquaculture

Effective start/end date01/01/202231/12/2023


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