Aquaculture of sea squirts (Ciona) (39359)

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The main aim of the project i to develop methodologies to to produce seed of the ascidian Ciona intestinalis.

For the Marin Biogas project to continously produce ascidians, a number of areas of investigation was identified: Develop protocols to a) ensure provisioning of sexually mature and ripe Ciona; b) collection of fertilized eggs of C. intestinalis; c) settling C. intestinalis in the laboratory to preferred material; d) for optimal outplanting procedure; e) for maintaining stock culture of C. intestinalis.

In addition, optimizing results obtained during development of protocols to create a smooth and effective workflow from larval production and settlement to field grow-out and survival.

National Institute of Aquatic Resources, DTU Aqua
Marin Biogas AB, Sweden (main contractor)

Other partners in the project are (but not related to the work by DTU Aqua):
E.ON Biofor Sweden
Swedish Environmental Research Institute
Frauenhofer EMB
Engage AG

The project is funded by Marin Biogas AB, Svenska Energimyndigheten, KIC Energy

Research area: Coastal Ecology
Effective start/end date01/03/201631/03/2018


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