Aqua Fingerprint - Early warning for contamination of drinking water (38966)


The majority of Danish drinking water supplies to some extent have at some point been troubled with periods of decline in water quality. For the majority of instances the contamination event is discovered by the routine microbiological control grab sampling and occurs in conjunction with extreme events, such as intense rain, where contaminated water enters the network as a short pulse with high concentration. For most cases the actual source of the contamination cannot be traced as the event has already passed through the network and this hinders progress in improving the network.
Some events could have been avoided if an early warning system indicating the occurence of such a pulse was available. This project was focused on developing such an on-line sensor using organic matter fluorescence. Proof of concept was proved and a prototype online sensor was built to prove the feasibility of the technology.
This project was coordinated by Krüger AS, Denmark.
The project was funded by the Danish Environment Agency.
Effective start/end date01/01/201231/12/2012


  • Research area: Oceanography