Application of product models in extended enterprises

  • Hvam, Lars (Project Manager)
  • Malis, Martin (Project Participant)

    Project Details


    The research area of the project is the creation and implementation of product models in two different companies, comprising the use of product models to an enhanced co-operation between the company and its suppliers/customers. In order to give a broad perspective of this research area two companies are included in the project. Product models will be studied from two different angles; from the sales force point of view (Niro) and from the developer (Danfoss) point of view. The project aims at using the existing, on-going research at IPT and IP, through additional funding from CIP, as a foundation for a fast development and implementation in Danish Industry. The purpose is to set up methods and guidelines for building advanced product models that can be utilised between companies within a network. The project aims at the content of product models as the foundation for integration of critical engineering tasks. Further, the project aims at a fast implementation of product models in the participating companies. This is done partly in order to ensure a rapid progress in the companies and partly in order to make it possible to study the impacts on the business processes within the companies as well as the organisational changes. Also the strategic opportunities and limitations will be studied. The project contributes to the uncovering of the contingency factors that determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the companies in different phases of a product realization process when working in distributed networks.
    Effective start/end date01/01/200031/12/2003


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