Analytical Chemistry

  • Jensen, Benny (Project Manager)
  • Berner, Lis (Project Participant)
  • Stampe-Villadsen, Hanne Lilian (Project Participant)
  • Jørgensen, Bo Munk (Project Participant)
  • Olsen, Lone Rosenkær (Project Participant)
  • Reimers, Karin (Project Participant)
  • Haahr, Anne-Mette (Project Participant)

Project Details


Analytical Chemistry at FF is a basic activity, aimed at maintaining the chemical-analytical know-how, which is necessary for carrying out general analytical tasks, e.g. analyses for salt, crude protein, and TVB-N. In addition, newer instrumental methods may be part of this general project area, though usually such analyses are developed within specific projects (analysis of peptides, proteins, microbial metabolites, autolytic breakdown-products). The available instrumentation include i.a. 4 HPLC-instruments (UV, DAD, ELSD, RI, fluorescence detection), 3 GC instruments (MS, PFD, FID, olfactory detection), 2 scanners for 2-D-gel electropherograms, NIR, low-resolution NMR, differential scanning calorimeter.
The Analytical Quality Group follows up on developments and trends in analytical principles and in analytical quality control that may be relevant for analytical chemistry at FF. This group carries out updating of standard procedures and method descriptions for the purpose of improving quality assurance and minimizing environmental effects, and occasionally manages participation in national and international inter-laboratory tests. Safety activities have been strengthened by the employment of a safety officer.
Also, within this project area are placed advisory activities towards internal and external questions on analytical problems. - A central theme of present and planned activities is quality assurance and quality control of standard analytical methods. - External cooperation in the field of chemical analysis of fish with WEFTA Working Group on Analytical Methods (WEFTA = [West] European Fish Technologists' Association. - The basal chemistry activities, comprising approx. 1 person/year, are financed by the running costs of the department.
Effective start/end date01/06/198931/12/2013


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