Analysis of measures for increased stability in the industrial fisheries (39027)

Project Details


The objective of the project "Analysis of measures for increased stability in the industrial fisheries" has been to improve fisheries advice to ensure more stable quotas for the three main industrial species in the North Sea; sandeel, sprat and Norway pout. The means to get there was to improve data, calculation procedure and management plans by taking into account the special conditions that exist for each species.

Through an industry-scientist-manager collaboration platform initiatives were taken to a theoretically and practical cooperation, where collection and analysis of biological and fishery-based data and knowledge sharing between fisheries, bio-economy, management and research has supported development of robust management strategies that may increase economic stability in the industry if implemented in the future.

The project is coordinated by DTU Aqua and funded by the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries and the European Fisheries Fund (EFF).

Research area: Marine Living Resources
Research area: Ecosystem based Marine Management
Effective start/end date10/07/201222/05/2014