An Integrated Platform for Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment of Critical Civil Infrastructures

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    Type: Joint Postdoctoral Research Project between the Research Groups CERDA and CESDYN
    Fund: HC Ørsted Postdoc Programme co-funded by Marie Curie Actions (EU-FP7)
    Critical Infrastructures (CIs), being extensively interrelated with modern communities, constitute the vital lifeline to keep both society and economy functioning in a steady and prosperous rate. Thus, a protective grid of elaborate techniques and policies should be applied in order to provide safety and security for the CIs against the devastating effects of either natural or man-made threats. Along these lines, the proposed research work aims at developing a comprehensive and systematic approach for the risk assessment-management of critical civil infrastructures threatened by a multi-hazard environment during their entire life span. A holistic methodology will be carried out in order to perform a risk-based decision analysis, estimating both the direct and the indirect natural hazard consequences for a CI. At the same time, an additional sustainability-based evaluation will be implemented regarding the expected life-cycle environmental impacts from losses and recovery of the CI after adverse natural events.
    Effective start/end date01/10/201401/09/2016


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