Algal toxicity tests with coloured substances

  • Nyholm, Niels (Project Manager)

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Toxicity testing of coloured substances in algal growth inhibition tests gives problems because light absorbtion by the test material may reduce the rate of algal growth and thus interphere with the toxicity measurement. A separation of the toxic effect and the light absorption effect is necessary for the proper interpretation of test results, not only because information of toxicity per se (inherent toxicity) is needed but also because the overall response to the factors combined is highly specific to the test seup and therefore can only be generalized and used with great difficulty.
In order to assess the inherent toxicity or toxicity potential of a coloured substance towards algae in a growth inhibition test, the influence of light absorption should be eliminated or if not possible minimized and corrected for.
The final goal of this project and subsequent projects is the adoption of a concensus protocol for testing coloured substances in algal growth inhibition tests based uopn the principles of eliminating the influence of light absorption.
Effective start/end date01/03/199830/06/2001


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