ALARM, Soft Protection in Power Plants

  • Jantzen, Jan (Project Manager)
  • Bahar (fratrådt), Mehrdad (Project Participant)
  • Mølbak, Tommy (Project Participant)

Project Details


Modern power plants generate more alarm events than operators can cope with. The alarms occur in situations where there is no automatic procedure that resolves the situation and it is left to the operator to take action. Our objective is to automate the alarm treatment as far as possible. Hopefully a number of alarms can be disabled by means of rules of action based on fuzzy logic. At least some decision support can be given based on the signal flows in the system such that operators can see the consequences of alternative actions. The project contains three main elements: 1) to gather existing power plant models and implement them in SIMULINK, 2) to build a total model of a power plant and find the related signal flow graph, and 3) to close certain loops by means of fuzzy controllers. In summary, alarm handling is a soft area that we try to approach from a firm foundation, that is, models and graph theory. The project is a Danish Research Council project ( 28813). See also
The project ended prematurely in 1998.
Effective start/end date01/02/199631/08/1998


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