Advanced tailoring of 3D microstructures for superconducting magnets

Project Details


Superconducting magnets capable of producing large magnetic fields are indispensible for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for medical diagnostics. The higher the field is, the higher the spatial resolution achievable in the scanner is; this is crucial for the early detection of, e.g., cancer tumors. The present research project focuses on a new concept for the superconducting magnet which will enable an increase in the magnetic field by a factor of more than three. This is done by using ceramic superconductors in combination with a novel substrate configuration recently developed by the applicant. The substrate makes it possible to produce many thin superconducting 3D structured filaments instead of a single wide conductor, thus increasing the field produced and improving the resolution of the MRI device. The project aims to solve the scientific problems currently impeding the achievement of sufficiently small filaments. A major scientific problem is related to oxygen formation and spread during electro-etching of 3D profiles resulting in undesired structural filament variations.
Effective start/end date01/01/201701/01/2019


  • surface modification
  • electrochemistry
  • topography
  • Coated conductor
  • Superconductor
  • ceramic processing