Add-on Metallic Microstructures for CMOS

  • Hansen, Ole (Project Manager)
  • Rasmussen, Jan Pihl (Project Participant)
  • Johansen, Leif Steen (Project Participant)
  • Ravnkilde, Jan Tue (Project Participant)
  • Møller, Per (Project Participant)
  • Tang, Peter Torben (Project Participant)

    Project Details


    This project aims at further development of the microlithography and electroplating process to allow released multilayer metallic structures for sensor purposes to be fabricated. In the process development compatibility with CMOS processing is emphasized, as compatibility will allow for monolithic smart sensors with integrated signal processing. We have realized very well defined released multilayer structures in pure Nickel and are trying to realize the same high quality structures in Nickel Iron alloys, that allow fabrication of high performance magnetic transducers. However, we have solved the problems with the stress control in the deposited Nickel Iron alloys. This work is also related to the SOI-CMOS project at MIC. To further the development in the project, Leif Steen Johansen worked for 4 months at Frauenhofer Institut fur Silizium Technologie, Berlin.
    Effective start/end date01/02/1996 → …


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