Adaptive Control

  • Ravn, Ole (Project Manager)
  • Nørgård, Peter Magnus (Project Participant)

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    In practice this implies that an adaptive controller is a controller with adjustable parameters, which is tuned on-line according to some mechanism in order to cope with time-variations in process dynamics and changes in the environment. This can be approached in different ways, but at IAU we focus primarily on the so-called indirect self-tuning regulators.
    A "pragmatic" approach to adaptive control is taken. We do not spend much time on stability proofs, but our research is primarily governed by implementation issues. We are continuously working on developing a set of software tools to facilitate practical implementation of adaptive controllers. Furthermore we are always interested in trying out adaptive methods on "real world" systems. This is also reflected in the DTU course "50360 Adaptive Control", tought by the department.
    The IRCST tool was originally implmented in an adaptive control context, but it has since then developed way beyond that. Today the tool contains an adaptive controller "template" and a "library" of building blocks for use in adaptive control. The library contains a number of utilities for control design, filtering, recursive estimation, and utilization of physical insight. A feature is the close connection to MATLAB. Matlab is an integrated part of the tool: filters, matrices, vectors, parameters, etc. are initialized in MATLAB and then send to the Real-time program. The results are then returned to MATLAB either during or after a run.
    Effective start/end date01/01/198301/01/1993


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