• Mulalic, Ismir (Project Participant)

    Project Details


    The objective of the project is to provide an activity-based framework that is able to capture and describe individual and household activity patterns within a multi-modal transport environment that is characterized by a diversity of travel mode combinations. An improved knowledge about individual and household activity patterns will increase the comprehension of behavioural responses to future transport policies (e.g., road pricing schemes and travel demand management interventions). Therefore, transport models developed on the basis of the research will provide more accurate responses to policy instruments than existing methods and facilitate a right way towards a sustainable balance between mobility and transport externalities.

    The ambition is to develop a theoretically consistent and coherent framework for activity-based modelling and forecasting of urban passenger transport. This includes (i) building activity chains for home and out-of-home activities, (ii) estimating how transport demand is derived from the activity chains, (iii) modelling the activity interaction between household members, (iv) capturing the timing of activities and their duration, (v) linking route choice with the choice of activities at the disaggregate level, and (vi) modelling long-term decisions with respect to, for example, car ownership as condition for forecasting daily activity patterns and travel decisions.
    Effective start/end date01/02/201101/02/2013