Active control of noise radiation from vibrating structures

  • Mørkholt, Jakob (Project Manager)

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The purpose of this PhD study has been to investigate the use of active noise control to reduce unwanted sound radiation from vibrating panels such as the ones forming the fuselage of an aeroplane, the housing of a large machine etc. The principle of active noise control is to reduce unwanted noise from a primary sound source by adding 'anti noise' with secondary sources, resulting in destructive interference and reduced overall noise. This particular study has focused on ways to control and alter the vibrations of a panel by active means in order to reduce the overall sound radiation from the panel. Secondary vibration sources act directly on the panel to introduce a secondary vibration field in the panel. The work has concentrated on optimal robust feedback control.
In 1999 all the time has been spent on writing the thesis "Active control of noise radiation from vibrating structures".
Supervisor: Finn Jacobsen
Co-supervisor: Mogens Ohlrich
Effective start/end date01/02/199630/04/1999


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