Across Continents Electric Vehicle Services

Project Details


ACES intends to holistically investigate technical and economic system benefits and impacts by large scale electric vehicles integration in Bornholm, augmented by real usage patterns, grid data and field testing for across continents replicability.
A full scale penetration scenario of EVs in Bornholm will be simulated in order to assess how new aggregating functionality can support both technically and economically the successful integration of electric vehicles into the energy system.
It will also initiate a small scale pilot project involving up to 50 publicly and privately owned Nissan vehicles and V2G chargers for proving that EVs can be used for effectively balance the system.
The analysis, although focused on a Danish context, is enhanced also by comparing existing electricity market services in UK and in Japan, taking advantage by the strong collaboration established with the Japanese and UK based research centers of Nissan.
Effective start/end date01/04/201730/09/2020


  • Electric power system, Demand, Frequency control
  • Electric vehicles
  • Distributed energy resources
  • distribution system operation