Acquisition of Product Development Tools in Industry

  • De Araujo, Claudiano Sales (Project Manager)

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    The present research work is built on the following two research hypotheses:
    1. At present the selection of Design Tools to help Design prectitioners to accomplish the task of developing new (or improved) products is mostly carried out in a non-systematic way.
    2. a formal method will help Design practitioners to select Design Tools more efficiently, and may (perhaps) expose some underlying structure of the design process itself.
    The main expected scientific output from this project is stated in the second research hypothesis, i.e., the delivery of a formal method, which can be promptly applied by product development actors in the process of selecting the Design TOOLS to be used in a specific context.
    Currently, the research is focusing on theoretical analysis of methodologies and classification.
    Effective start/end date20/02/199528/02/1998


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