Accelerometer Development Based on Finite Element Modelling

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    The basic objectives of the project include:
    1. Improving the development technique for accelerometers, which enables Brüel & Kjær to respond faster to market requirements.
    2. Improving the design flexibility of Brüel & Kjærs accelerometer development.
    In 1998 the focus has been on 1) product analysis, 2) simulation software, 3) Ph.D. courses and 4) literature study.
    The product analysis includes a mapping of the different product types (about 35 different types of accelerometers) in order to highlight their functionality, their differences and their production. The analysis has also formed the basis for the simulation software.
    The simulation software is based on FEM-technology, and can be used to model accelerometers and to simulate their behaviour, e.g. how changed dimensions changes the measured characteristics. A prototype version of the software has been developed and the results from simulations have been compared with emperical data. A result from this test was that an error in the empirical method was encountered and corrected.
    Effective start/end date01/03/199828/02/2001


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