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    For the transition to a cleaner, more affordable energy to be fully realized, wind power and other renewable energy sources must be responsibly developed, taking human and ecosystem impacts into consideration at early planning stages. The IEA Wind TCP recognizes this need and has included societal or “social” impacts as a main priority and strategic objective.

    IEA Wind TCP Task 28 on the Social Science of Wind Energy Acceptance serves as an international forum and working group where international experts convene to discuss current issues surrounding people and wind energy. In participating countries, social acceptance of wind energy continues to be a key constraint to clean energy deployment. In the face of this intensifying and dynamic challenge in most parts of the world, researchers around the globe are defining issues and applying solutions at local, regional, and country-wide levels. Task 28 and its research outputs serve to synthesize the current research and identify gaps, advance the dissemination of information, and gather experts for international knowledge exchange and global collaboration.
    Effective start/end date01/07/202101/06/2024