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Innovation Fund Denmark, Social Partnership:A broad range of Danish companies are challenged every day in developing advanced materials and materials processes in order to generate a competitive advantage in a global economy generally operating on lower cost levels. This is true whether the focus is on hard, soft or biological materials, and whether companies are well established or small start-ups. The Vision of the Partnership LINX - Linking Industry to Neutrons and X-rays, is to develop and mature an industry portal for Danish companies to improve their R&D capability by exploiting the potential of advanced neutron and X-ray techniques. The ambition is by 2020 to have provided unique R&D input to more than 50 Danish companies in terms of understanding critical material components or processes. At the same time, LINX will be the foundation ensuring that Danish industry takes optimal advantage of the coming large scale facilities ESS and MAX IV in Lund and European XFEL in Hamburg. By combining the efforts and expertise of academic centers of excellence, growth initiatives at regional authorities, the national strategy for ESS, and a significant number of industry partners, LINX will be a catalyst for ambitions of bringing Denmark to the forefront of the innovation and commercialization of advanced materials and biotechnological applications.
Short titleLINX
Effective start/end date15/02/201630/06/2021

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