A View-Out Index: A novel quality measure for energy certification of solar-control systems

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High-level energy considerations of building envelope and windows in the last decades has led to development of several solar control strategies. Solar-control systems are means to control excess solar gains to ensure thermal and visual comfort in buildings. Although energy efficiency and to some extent the thermal comfort performance of these devices are directly measurable through quantitative parameters, there are no comparable qualitative measures to rate the visual quality they provide to the outside. This project is an attempt to address the appropriate selection of solar-control system by introducing a novel qualitative index for the “view-out” attribute, namely “View-out Index”. Towards this end, the purposed study is set to identify indicators of view quality as an important part of daylight access in buildings. Using high dynamic range (HDR) imaging techniques as well as virtual reality, several indicators of view quality are being investigated and tested in user assessment experiments. A novel view quality criteria will be developed and advanced to be used as a means to certify solar control system selection in building design in form of a view-out index.
Short titleA View-Out Index
Effective start/end date01/10/201830/12/2021


  • Daylighting, View out, Virtual Reality, Visual comfort


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