A novel off-grid thermoelectric-photovoltaic desalination system

  • Van Nong, Ngo (Project Coordinator)

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Desalination of brackish water/sea water is a sustainable way to meet water demand in arid locations. A number of humidification/dehumidification (HDH) devices based on conventional vapor compression technology are currently available. However, these devices have a number of inherent problems such as high noise levels, compressor vibration and excessive weight and size.
The overall objective of the project is to develop and demonstrate a novel off-grid desalination system using thermoelectric technology combined with a photovoltaic system.
The combination of photovoltaic (PV) and thermoelectric (TE) technologies will not only overcome the problems of a conventional desalination system, but it also brings many additional advantages such as being off-grid, having less moving parts, easy to install, less maintenance, and on top being environmentally friendly.
The outcome of the project will be:
(i) High performance thermoelectric-solar desalination prototype to cheaply produce potable water with a
targeted coefficient of performance (COP) of more than 1.5.
(ii) Demonstration of a future environmentally friendly energy technological concept with high commercial potential.
In this project, DTU Energy, AquaDania A/S, SunPower Applications A/S, and All Things Considered A/S work closely together toward a goal to develop a novel off-grid desalination system using a thermoelectric module coupled with a PV system. We address the needs of people's drinking water in remote areas of the
world, or the emergency needs of catastrophic situation especially people living in arid countries.
Effective start/end date01/01/201731/12/2018


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